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GirlSpace is a female focused community for women entrepreneurs coworking together and empowering each other through the course of handling business. 

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Monthly Events

Every month, GirlSpace members enjoy intimate gatherings from speaker panel series to workshops, as well as discussions from motherhood to the glass ceiling. This is NOT a mindless business card collection event or stuffy networking party.  These are real women entrepreneurs who want to help each other succeed. GirlSpace provides meaningful opportunities for new friendships, referrals and partnerships.  Everything we do is highly social, intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding — with a healthy dose of stress-relieving fun!


GirlSpace Virtual Reality

GirlSpace VR offers hosting virtual events, tours, workshops, meetings, podcasts and more. We are a platform of having over 400 members that can help bring your events to life. Our user friendly platform will release your stress of having to plan out the logistics of market/advertisement, sending invitations, being a moderator, and hitting your target demographics of women entrepreneurs all on your own. All you have to do is discuss on topics you know best and GirlSpace will take care of the rest. 

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A community of entrepreneurs and freelancers sharing space, collaborating, and networking





The Brand Partnership Platform for Female Founders and Entrepreneurs.  Secure partnerships easier, scale your brand faster

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