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A coworking space made for the modern woman entrepreneur defining their success at their own pace.

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Our core value is that we believe in the expansiveness of what women can create.  Our instinctual resting place is to support each other. We are centered on kindness and inclusiveness, and when you open a space that honors those values, it’s contagious.  Women face more barriers and challenges, and having other like-minded individuals around who can have that ‘Me too’ moment can really keep you going and feeling inspired and capable.


Before anything, we are a community and we create experiences in order to connect, entertain, inform, inspire and most of all provide a happy and safe work environment for women entrepreneurs.  We galvanize women and their true success! 

Illustrator: Haley Kennedy 

Instagram: @shopsundae

CEO Emmarie Dempsey

Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of opening and managing four successful coworking spaces alone. This inspired her to run her own female focused coworking space to get the most of what they need when running a small business. Emmarie graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications. 

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GirlSpace is creating a new trend in coworking.  We are seeking new investors and exploring all possible funding solutions.  If you think you can help or may know of anybody who’s interested in funding, please reach out to me for more information.

This service is well needed for women and mom entrepreneurs.  All proceeds will go directly into 6 months of rent plus security deposit for the coworking space.  After the space is allocated, funds will immediately go into security cameras, doors and locks just to keep all my members nice and safe.

As a reward, when you donate $25 or more, you’ll receive an authentic, limited edition GirlSpace T-shirt or soft cover GirlSpace notebook.  Having either items automatically bumps you up to VIP status at GirlSpace.  Get your GirlSpace Webcam Cover and Silicone cell phone card holder for only $10 each.  Just click on the button below to donate.

STOP the bullying at work!

GirlSpace is petitioning

We, the signatories of this petition, call on the California Attorney General to consider a Federal Law that protects the rights of bully victims and holds people accountable for their bullying behaviors.

Too many people are scared to speak out for fear of becoming a victim themselves or risking their career.

No one deserves to be bullied and it's time a voice is put to this issue.

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A place where women can share ideas, issues, experiences and all the elements that girls love to share when we get together.


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Mom Entrepreneurs

Mom's can now get a better option for day care while they work.