Spark of God Course. Remote

Embark on a journey of mindfulness, healing, and collective transformation with our Spark of God Course. This unique experience combines guided meditation, spiritual practices, and healing transmission/prayer for the planet and human collective.

Course Essentials

Enhance your meditation journey by completing our essential Spark of God course. Learn the intricacies of meditation, connect with your inner self, and understand the fundamentals that set the stage for a meaningful practice.

Dive into the course with interactive Zoom sessions, carefully designed to guide you through the essentials of the practice. Each session typically lasts 30 minutes, offering a comprehensive yet accessible learning experience.

Have your pendulum ready; it will become a powerful tool in your meditation journey.

Enhance the benefits of your practice with an optional 10-15 minute healing transmission or prayer for the planet and the human collective.

Upon completing the course, you are invited to join the Spark of God Meditation Group held every morning at 6 am PST. A Zoom link will be provided upon completion. This practice is offered at no charge, making it accessible to all seeking a transformative meditation experience.

Embrace the transformative power

Be a part of our group meditation and join a community dedicated to personal and planetary well-being. Embrace our Spark of God Meditation Practice and let the journey to mindfulness and healing begin.